How do you graft citrus trees?


Graft citrus trees using a technique called budding. This process involves grafting off a bud from the tree in addition to some bark and placing the bud under the bark of a host tree.

Only graft from a healthy tree that can survive without the grafted material and that will not spread disease to the new tree. The best time to remove the graft is during the summer months when the tree is growing. The bark should be around eight inches to a foot long. Make sure to use a mature bud rather than a young one. Use the grafted material as soon as possible, as it will not store for more than three months.

In the host tree, make two small cuts in an upside-down "T" formation and cut one-inch flaps at both right angles. The bud should be placed underneath one of these flaps while the rest of the bark is secured to the tree with either tape or twine. The tape should be removed after no more than 30 days. To stimulate new growth from the bud, cut the remainder of the bark to only one-and-a-half inches from the bud. After the new growth reaches three to four inches, trim back the remainder of the bark.

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How to Graft Citrus Trees
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