Citrus Tree Grafting?


To graft citrus trees, use healthy root stock. Select healthy branches from the species to be grafted. Make a diagonal cut in the parent branch, and in a branch on the root stock. Bandage them together, and let grow.
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1. Find a citrus tree to receive the graft (the "rootstock" and budding branches from the types of citrus you want to grow (the "fruiting branches" 2. Make a 2
grafted means the trunkof one tree has been attached to the roots of another. This normally improves disease resistance and vigor. Citrus trees come in three basic sizes for the most
1. Prune your trees late in the dormant season, which is generally the winter season. Pruning should usually take place in February or March to encourage the healthiest new growth
1. Select the right size pot for your tree. For a 1-year-old tree, a 6"to-9"diameter pot will do fine. In a year, you will need to replant it to a 10" to14" pot.
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How to Graft Citrus Trees
You've got an orange tree in your yard, but you want lemons and limes, too. You can have all these fruits on one tree if you graft buds of lemon and lime onto your orange tree. Find a lemon and a lime tree and ask the trees' owner for a small branch for... More »
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To prune citrus trees you will need gloves, pruning shears, and rubbing alcohol. You may also find that you will need a pruning saw. When pruning citrus trees ...
A person should fertilize their citrus trees at least once per year, although this may vary slightly between citrus types. Miracle Grow for citrus trees works ...
The best time to prune citrus trees would be once every two years except for lemon trees. This pruning will keep them healthy and they will also look good. They ...
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