What is the average starting salary for a civil engineer?


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Salary Profile for Civil engineer
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $103,000 $131,000 $77,000
National $79,000 $101,000 $59,000
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it can be calculate as 1xdaily pay of a mason x 30 + 2x daily pay of a mason x experience FOR example a 5 year Experience person minimum Pay should be 600x30=1800 + 2x600x5=6000 grand
The average starting salary for a Civil Engineer is $78,000. Do you
According to the BLS, civil engineering job opportunities will increase much faster than average through 2018. The trend is for salaries to rise as job opportunities increase and
Software Engineer - Degree plus 0-3 years exp $50-70k Software Engineer - Degree plus 3-5 years exp $60-75k Software Engineer - Degree plus 5-10+ years exp $70-100+k This might be
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Graduates with engineering and technical degrees command the highest starting salaries among new college graduates. Of the top ten majors with the highest starting salaries in 2012, six were from various engineering specialties and three were from other technical disciplines. Finance was the only non-technical major cracking the top ten.

The Bureau of Labor statistics projects demand for civil engineers to grow by 20 percent by 2020. This is faster than average across all industries. In 2012, approximately 272,900 civil engineers were employed in the United States.

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The amount of money Civil Engineers make per year depend on the level of experience of the engineer. For Civil Engineers with a Bachelor Degree, the mean salary ...
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