Where is Claireece 'Precious' Jones now?


Claireece 'Precious' Jones is the main character in Sapphire's 1996 book, "Push." Fifteen years later the author published a sequel, "The Kid," that begins with the funeral of “Precious” Jones.

In "Push," Precious is an abused teenager who is HIV-positive. She has been injured by her mother and raped and impregnated by her father. In "The Kid," Abdul, the son of Precious, is a teen himself. His mother and grandmother have both died of AIDS. Abdul has been in and out of orphanages and foster care homes. Though Precious was not an abusive parent, her son has become dangerous, hurting younger children in the orphanage.

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Claireece "Precious" Jones is a fictional character,
Clareece 'Precious' Jones is a fictional character from the book, Push by
The same place Sherlock Holmes is. Precious is a fictional character. The movie and book made her seem so real that one can for get that the movie is based on a work of fiction written
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