How to Get Rid of Clammy Hands?


Clammy hands can be caused by stress or a physical condition. Antiperspirants can sometimes help reduce clammy hands. Prescription products are also available which can help some people. If clammy hands are caused by stress, meditation or deep breathing exercises can help reduce the stress.
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1 Soak your hands in tea . The tannic acid will dry out your hands. Put your hands in a tea solution or hold onto wet teabags for 30 minutes a day for a week. [1] 2 Put antiperspirant
Clammy hands are unpleasantly sweaty palms. They can sweat when you are nervous or
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To stop clammy hands you need to consider the following tips; application of aluminium salt-based anti-perspirant, cornstarch or talcum powder between your palms ...
There can be many causes of your hands and feet being clammy. The hands and feet both have many sweat glands. It could just be sweat or it could be caused by nerves ...
Clammy hands occur due to restless nerves that send signals to the sweat glands in the sympathetic nervous system. It can also be a symptom of various chronic ...
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