Classic Kelley Blue Book?


The Classic Kelley Blue Book offers a guideline to buying and selling a vehicle. This is the trusted source for lenders and financial institutions as well when determining car value. The make and model and mileage will factor into the price the book quotes.
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1. Search Kelley Blue Book for the trade-in, private party or suggested retail value of a used car. By inputting specific information about the car, you can get a good sense of how
Kelley Blue Book is the trusted resource for new car prices, used car prices, that
The difference is this: it's a nasty little scheme designed to fatten corporate American while dwindling average joe's bank account. The NADA is used primarily for tax
Photo courtesy ­Since its humble beginnings 75 years ago, the K­elley company has worked to bring value information for cars, recreational vehicles and motorcycles
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