Classic Map Quest?


Mapquest recently received an upgrade and has a new, modern look. It is also supposed to be faster than the original Mapquest However, many people don't like the new version and prefer the old style. Many times, when people prefer an old version of something, it is because they haven't really given the new style a chance, or they find the new version a little complicated and confusing. Fortunately, computer users who prefer the classic Mapquest service are still able to use it with no problems, as it is still readily available.
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1. Navigate to MapQuest and create a new driving or walking route. Select Send from the toolbar. 2. Click Car. Select SYNC from the options, and then enter your SYNC mobile number
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GMaps and BMaps are two competitors of Mapquest. Both offer similar features to Mapquest. However, in addition, both run on their own searchengines, while Mapquest must pull it's
MapQuest, Inc.300 Granite Run Drive Suite 200, Lancaster, PA 17601. Phone:
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MapQuest is a free Web Map Server, owned by AOL. The map creation software was originally developed by GeoSystems to generate maps for customers. That code was adapted for use on the internet to create the web service… More>>
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