Classification and Partition in Technical Writing?


Classification is basically a method of exposition and analysis. Partition is analytical treatment of a given idea, situation, mechanism, function or substance. Partition divides an item into parts or steps. It is only singular subjects such as concrete subjects i.e. tree and abstract subjects such as inflation can actually be partitioned. Technical writing occurs ion reports and represents a broad understanding of a subject or concept.
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Classification- is a systematic process of dividing materials into kinds or classes. Aside from dividing subjects into classes, similar units, are also grouped in a subclass which
I hope this can be useful for you... A partition is a section of a hard disk. When you format a hard disk, you can usually choose the number of partitions you want. The computer will
classification of technical writing
First, by "technical" do you mean the kind of writing done in scientific and engineering manuals/reports and instruction manuals, or do you just mean "non-fiction"
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Examples of classification and partition in technical writing are in the manuals themselves. Partition has to do with separation of information. Classification ...
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