Classification of Computer Hardware?


Computer hardware can be classified but is not limited to, the electronic, mechanical, magnetic, or electrical components of a computer system which include motherboards, towers, central processing units (CPU), hard disc drives and memory. It as well includes internal and external peripheral devices.
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Computer hardware classified in two way : Input Device: Like Keyboard,Mouse,Scanner,light Pen etcOutput Device :Like Monitor,Printer,Projector etc.
A computer's hardware are the inner, and sometimes outer workings that allow it to function. RAM, BIOS, and CPU are a few of computer's inner hardware. The keyboard, and mouse are
The consequence of throwing away old computers has been documented by Greenpeace. According to the campaigning organisation computers contain toxic chemicals that can leach into the
1. Turn Off the computer and unplug all wires connected to the tower and if there is a power switch on the back switch it off. Ad. 2. Take out the screws on the back of the tower,
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Computer hardware is the components needed to make the outside of the computer. If the part can be touched by someone, it is considered to be computer hardware ...
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