What are the classifications of computers?


The classification of computers can be based on their size and function. The 4 classifications of computer according to size are microcomputers, minicomputers, mainframe computers, and supercomputer. The classifications of computer according to function are servers, workstations, information appliances and embedded computers.
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The 4 classifications of computers in the order of development are: 1. Mainframe. 2. Minicomputer. 3. Supercomputer. 4. Microcomputer.
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Computers are classified in different groups. First category of computers are the Super computers, which are biggest in size. These are huge and very expensive computers and they
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The classification of computers according to size and capacity includes mini computers and super computers. Some other classifications include mainframes and microprocessors ...
Computer hardware can be classified but is not limited to, the electronic, mechanical, magnetic, or electrical components of a computer system which include motherboards ...
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