Classification of Food Service?


The classification of food service include 4 figures of the GFC. A 2 character country code is also included. Individual sub-segments are also included.
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Check the document in related links for a full breakdown of food service classifications.
Food Service Establishment Classifications Class I: is a food service establishment with commercially prepackaged foods and/or hot or cold beverages only. No preparation, cooking
Because the food service industry in the United States is huge, a lot of people work in food service management. According to the National Restaurant Association, the food service…. The site above might provide the information that you seek.
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Kinds of Food Service in a Restaurant
There are many different types of restaurants and they can be classified by the type of cuisine they serve, such as Mexican or Italian, the menu style, such as a la carte or blackboard, and the pricing. They can also be classified by how the food is... More »
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