What is the classification system for the food service industry?


There are four different levels to the food classification service system: Class I, Class II, Class III and Class IV. Each class has a unique set of guidelines that helps to classify each establishment into one of the four categories.

Those in Class I are not permitted to cook any type of food. They may only provide beverages, of any temperature, as well as pre-packaged foods.

Businesses in Class II have similar restrictions, but they do have the right to heat and serve items, such as kielbasas, hot dogs, sausages and soups as long as they are served within 4 hours.

Class III businesses have the ability to prepare, cook and keep foods hot. They must, however, provide them to their guests within 4 hours of being prepared.

A Class IV restaurant or business has the same guidelines as a Class III establishment but these businesses can exceed the 4 hour limit.

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