How do you clean a rock fireplace?


To clean a rock fireplace, the first thing you should do is use a brush and household detergent to remove as much dirt, dust, and soot from the fireplace as possible. Avoid using any cleaner with ammonia in it. Once the fireplace is clean from loose dirt, allow it to dry and clean it with a phosphoric acid based masonry cleaner. This will clean the fireplace, and make the rock and grout look fresh and new. When you have cleaned off the loose dirt and dust prior to using the acid cleaner, it makes it easier for the acid to work correctly. When using the acid cleaner, make sure to wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles, and open the windows to ensure the room is well ventilated.
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1. Clean your fireplace as you use it. If you have regular fires, get in the habit of throwing a few tablespoons of salt into it when the fire is blazing. The salt will loosen up
I had soot above my fire box on the rock, in the kitchen, and on just about everything plastic in the house. A Magic eraser took care of everything. The rock tore the heck out of
1 Protect against the mess. Wait at least until the next morning after your last fire. Dress in old clothes and put on a pair of gloves, since you’re going to be touching moderately
1. Cover the floor surrounding the base of the fireplace with drop cloths. Put on old clothes, rubber gloves and safety glasses to prevent exposure to the soot and grime. 2. Fill
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How to Clean a Rock Fireplace
Natural rock fireplaces add an outdoorsy, casual look to a home. They're not hard to keep clean with an occasional washing with a household detergent and thorough rinsing. When the stones become dark or sooty, or if there are smoke streaks on the stones... More »
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