How do you clean dirty and corroded coins?


If these are coins that may be valuable the best thing to do is take them to a professional first as cleaning them could damage them. Stay away from harsh chemicals, they will also damage the coins. If you have to do it at home your best bet is to just clean them the best you can with water or a gentle cleanser.
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1 SOAP AND WATER: Most dirt and/or residue can be freed from the coin surface using soap and warm water. After soap and water is used, make sure the coin is completely rinsed off
1. Get a small dish. Pour some ketchup in the dish and let the coin soak in the ketchup for about 10 seconds. Scrubbing with a toothbrush can be helpful as well. Ad. 2. Run the coin
The best way that I have ever found to clean dirty water is to boil the water and then collect the steam which will condense back into clean potable water.
The simple answer is to. never_ever_clean_a_coin. " never ever clean a coin. If you clean a coin, you risk completely damaging and destroying its value. A lot of times when people
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How Do I Clean Dirty Coins?
Dirty coins should never be cleaned because doing so will often significantly lower the value of the coin. Find out how to clean coins that don't have much value with soap, water and a Q-tip with help from a second-generation numismatist in this free... More »
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