How do you clean stove burner grates?


To clean your stove burner grates, you can buy products designed to make this an easy chore. You can also use a homemade method to clean the grates, using household ammonia. You place the grates in Ziplock-type bags with some water and ammonia, close the bag, and wait a half hour for the ammonia to eat through the crud on the grate. Wash the ammonia off and reinstall the grates.
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1. Turn off both the stove top and the oven. Be sure to let them cool completely before starting to clean the burner grates. 2. Remove the burner grates from the stove top. Place
Always clean the burner grates of your gas stove. Right after cooking or eating, spend time to clean the grates. These are the direct contact between your stove and your cookware.
I always clean them by spraying them with Easy off place them into a plastic bag for a couple of hours and then wash them with soap and warm water and a green pad to remove the odd
if you have a self cleaning oven put the grates inside while the oven is cleaning. sometimes you have to set the oven to clean longer but it works great. leave the racks in the oven
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How to Clean Stove Burner Grates
After every great meal there is always the clean up to look forward to. It takes a little arm power to get those gas stoves cleaned efficiently, especially the stove burner grates. Use the suggestions that follow to help in getting your stove burner... More »
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