Clean Washing Machine of Soap Scum?


To clean a washing machine of soap scum you should have it set to very hot and to a heavy washing form yet without clothes. Add a few cups of white vinegar and half a cup of baking soda, when it is finished you should probably wipe the insides. Lastly, you should again without clothes let the machine run but on cold.
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1. Set your washing machine to its "hot" setting and "heavy wash" setting or a similar setting meant for extremely dirty cloths. This will set it for maximum agitation
I use washing soda. I also add a scoop to my white washing and while running my dishwasher. It keeps everything clean, is all natural and environmentally friendly.
Ever wondered how to clean a washing machine? It's like the riddle, "Who cuts the barber's hair?" Your washing machine works hard-learning how to clean a washing machine
suck it up with a vacum.
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How to Clean a Washing Machine of Soap Scum
Washing machines, like all other household appliances, need regular care and maintenance to keep them running their best. Although it is counter intuitive, a washing machine needs to be cleaned occasionally to prevent a build up of soap residue and... More »
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