Cleaning Antique Lace?


Before cleaning antique lace, make sure it is strong enough to withstand being cleaned. If it is, fill a sink with warm water and mix in Biz. Let the lace soak until water cools. Repeat until the lace is white. Rinse, then lay on a towel to dry.
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1. Put the antique lace between two layers of muslin. Use a running stitch and white thread to encase the lace between the two layers. This will protect the lace's fibers and stabilize
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1 Take lukewarm water and add a bit of laundry detergent. Ad 2 Place the laces in the water and wait for four to five minutes,or until all clean. 3 Let them air dry 4 Finished. Ad
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How to Clean Antique Lace
Estate sales often feature delicate lace hankies or antimacassars that were made by hand nearly a century ago. These pieces are often marred with stains and dust. Clean your antique lace and you will have museum pieces to preserve for the next... More »
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