Cleaning Automatic Ice Maker?


Before cleaning your automatic ice maker you need to make sure that the power switch is turned off along with the water supply. After removing the ice-maker and tray from the freezer they can be cleaned with warm, soapy water. One the parts have been towel dried the ice-maker can be put back in the freezer and powered back up.
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1. Power off the automatic ice maker. There is a switch somewhere on or near the ice maker to stop ice production. If you're unsure of where this switch is, refer to your automatic
Answer to how to clean your icemaker I'm not an expert, but this is how I "clean" my automatic ice maker. Sometimes it completely stops making ice, so I take the compartment
A potential source of contamination of the food and water in your home is the innocuous and little-noticed ice maker. Sanitation failures may occur if you don’t do regular cleaning
Use an ounce of citric acid or white vinegar dissolved in four cups of
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How to Clean an Automatic Ice Maker
Automatic ice makers will get dirty over time, resulting in the ice appearing small, misshapen, cloudy, or softer than usual. A number of home refrigerators include a built-in automatic ice maker that needs regular cleaning as well. Cleaning an automatic... More »
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