Cleaning BBQ Grill with Ammonia?


There are many ways you can clean a grill, but using ammonia is a sure way to clean your grill greatly. What you need to do is, get a trash bag and put your grill racks in it. Next you need to sprinkle your ammonia in the bag with the racks and make you a nice sudsy concoction. It is best to leave overnight. Using gloves, take the racks out and wipe away what's left over on your grill racks. Rinse very well. 
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1. Pour ammonia into a large glass or plastic container. 2. Saturate absorbent cloths by immersing them in the dish of ammonia. With rubber gloves, gently squeeze the ammonia out
Hi, It's always easier to clean while the bbq is still hot, if it's mainly grease and fat, scrape excess off and burn the rest by just firing up the barbie. If you want to know how
1. Create a fire in the pit of the grill and close the lid, and then allow the grill to heat up for ten minutes. 2. Use the Scrape a brass, copper or stainless steel grill brush to
During the "season", I do the following: . As I'm finishing cooking, I'll run the wire brush over all of the grill bars to clear them off. . When I go to cook again, after
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How to Clean a BBQ Grill With Ammonia
Outdoor grilling is more popular every year. Unfortunately, the more you use your grill, the more it gets dirty. You can clean your grill with very little effort using ammonia. Simply seal ammonia-saturated cloths into plastic bags with the parts of your... More »
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