Cleaning Nicotine Stained Walls?


You can clean Nicotine-Stained walls by washing the walls with a sponge and a solution of 2 tablespoons dish soap and 4 cups of hot water to get the odors. To remove the stain, mix 1 part ammonia with 1 part vinegar in a bucket of water and scrub in circular motions. Rinse the walls after with clean water.
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1. Combine 2 tablespoons of dishwashing detergent with 4 cups of hot water. Stir to mix the detergent into the water. 2. Dampen a non-abrasive sponge with the soapy water. Wash the
409 Spray, BAM! spray, Orange Glow or Lysol Basin Tub & Tile cleaner. I prefer 409. They all work great. Start at the bottom of your wall and work your way up. Spray about a two
1 Lay out newspaper or a plastic tarp beneath the soot stain. There is some chance that excess soot could fall onto the ground as you clean, and soot stains can be even more difficult
There is a cleaning product called T.S.P. that will do it. A paint store would have it . Its serious stuff so read and follow the directions carefully. Greased Lightning is another
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How to Clean Nicotine-Stained Walls
If you live in a home with a smoker, or the previous residents of your home smoked, your walls probably have nicotine stains. Nicotine stains make the walls appear yellow and discolored. Before you repaint the wall to hide the stains, you can remove them... More »
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