Cleaning Terra Cotta Pots?


Terra cotta pots are ideal for gardening purposes. The pots allow plants to breath and are not harmed by water and nature. There are several ways of cleaning them. One of the easiest ways to clean terra cotta pots is by mixing one part of white vinegar to 10 parts of water. Soak the pot in the mixture for about 30 minutes. Then, soak the pot in a bucket of water to rinse it off for another 30 minutes. Let the pot dry outside for up to 2 days before using.
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1. Take the old plant out of the pot and remove all of the soil. Allow any soil that is caked on the sides to dry. 2. Scrub the inside of the pot with steel wool. 3. Wash the pot
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I was walking through my local craft store the other day and saw a huge display of terra cotta clay pots for sale. I figured this was the perfect time to try my hand at some clay
Having plants in your home in garden is a wonderful way to enliven a space. If you have plants, placing them in terra cotta pots is a great way to keep it mobile or to have an instant
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How to Clean Terra Cotta Pots
Terra cotta pots are ideal for growing and housing all sorts of plants and flowers. The porosity of the pots also allows roots to breathe. The issue, however, with terra cotta pots is that they need to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before using... More »
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