How do I clean up dog diarrhea?


When a dog is sick or may have eaten something it was not used to, it can often deliver unpleasant diarrhea in the floor. The best way to go about cleaning up the diarrhea from the dog is by grabbing a paper towel and picking up as much as possible without smearing it. If the diarrhea is located on carpet, spray some carpet cleaner onto the spot and let it sit for a few minutes. Then get a wet cloth and blot the stain up. Repeat the steps as necessary.
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1. Don rubber gloves to protect yourself from the mess of your dog's diarrhea. 2. Mop up as much of the feces as you can with paper towels. Discard the soiled towels in a trash bag
I would truly enjoy getting hold of the idiot that recommended you rub your dogs face in diarrhea. Dear would you like to have your face rubbed in diarrhea? Dogs are much
Scrap up solids with a piece of cardboard. Use paper towels or coff...
1 Get a couple pieces of paper towels. Ad 2 Put it on top of the dog urine. 3 Put a shoe on top of the kitchen roll. If necessary, fold the paper towels more and do it again. 4 Pick
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How to Clean Up Dog Diarrhea
When dogs are sick or sometimes too excited, they may develop diarrhea and are unable to make it outside before relieving themselves. The result for pet owners is a stinky mess that can be difficult to contain. Having plenty of supplies on hand when you... More »
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