How to Get the Smell of Rotten Meat out of a Fridge?


Cleaning up rotten meat smell is not an easy task. The smell tends to permeate everything. Generally baking soda and peroxide work wonders in getting rid of organic smells and stains. Lots of baking soda, peroxide, and later a bleach treatment can be used to get the rotten meat smell out of a fridge.
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1. Unplug your freezer and remove all rotten meat and other items and seal them in a plastic bag before throwing them away. Wipe up any leaks with paper towels or rags. 2. Pull the
Remove everything and do a major re-paint
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Clean the freezer with bleach, baking soda OR Vinegar. Leave
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The best way to remove rotten meat odor is to use a strong cleaning solution. Use bleach or Lysol on the area affected by them meat. Also take the meat outside ...
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