Clear Contact Paper?


Clear contact paper can be used to cover students' school books or work areas in the home and classroom. Measured the area of the item to be covered, and use this measurement to cut a corresponding piece of clear contact paper.
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1. Clean the area you want to cover with the damp cloth. Wipe down the surfaces of tables, shelves or the outside of books to remove any dust or dirt. Allow the area to dry completely
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The easiest way to remove contact paper is with a hair dryer. Start peeling the contact paper from the corner while heating it with the hair dryer. There are products available that
Clear contact paper is a clear sheet of paper with an adhesive backing, similar to a
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You can buy clear contact paper online from Amazon and Sears. You can also purchase it from your local office supply, teacher, or craft store. ...
File folder math games are fun and easy to put together. You simply need manila file folders, markers, stock paper, coins, and clear contact paper. Draw a game ...
You can laminate paper at home by using clear contact paper. Cut the contact paper one inch bigger than the page you want to laminate. Remove the paper from the ...
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