Clear Mucus Discharge from Rectum?


Clear mucus discharge from the rectum can be caused by irritation or inflammation of the intestinal tract. Bloody mucus can be caused by proctitis. Other diseases that can cause either clear or bloody mucus discharge are shigellosis and irritable bowel syndrome.
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Could it be Giardia?
Clear sticky string egg white type mucus is your body's way of telling you that you are ovulating. Thick white mucus means you are not and your body is cleaning itself.
You may have developed bacterial vaginosis or yeast infection since
Quoting christinalive: hello my name christina I am 35+5 week preagant and just wanted to know is it a little abit ov your plug when you get white thik discarage Then the next day
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Rectal bloody mucus discharge is a remedial warning sign that can be defined as intermittent or continuous expression of bloody liquid from the anus/rectum. Causes ...
Vaginal discharge just prior to and during ovulation will contain thinner mucus. It is usually white to clear in coloring. After ovulation, some women will not ...
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