Clipping Pit Bulls Ears?


Most Pit Bulls get their ears clipped between 9 to 12 weeks. There are four different ways to crop a Pit Bulls ears: Battle, Short, Show, and Long Crops. It is recommended to complete ear clipping with your local veterinarian as clipping is a surgical procedure and may need a professional.
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If you are looking to have your dogs ears clipped, my best advice would be to take it to the vet to have it done. There are certain surgical tools that are necessary to cut the ears
people clip bull ears so they can tell if this is your bull or if this is my bull.
People used to clip them because of various important reasons. Now people clip them because they are mental idiots. God Bless <3. Source(s) kz.
For ear cropping, dogs or puppies are put under general anesthesia
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