How do you declog a hairspray nozzle?


The best way to fix clogged hairspray nozzles is by using hot water or rubbing alcohol. Hairspray nozzles get clogged because of resins. Resins are responsible for giving hairspray its holding power, and they are a necessary component of the hairspray recipe. However, they have a tendency to dry and cause nozzle clogs. Most hairspray nozzle clogs can be easily removed by following a few simple steps.

  1. Remove the nozzle

    Before the nozzle can be unclogged, it must be removed from the hairspray bottle. Most twist off fairly easily.

  2. Run the nozzle under hot water

    Place the nozzle under a hot running tap. This should sufficiently loosen the resins.

  3. Wipe the nozzle

    Once the resins are soft, it should be easy to wipe the nozzle clean. This is usually enough to unclog the nozzle.

  4. Try alcohol

    If running the nozzle under hot water doesn't do the trick, soak the nozzle in a basin of rubbing alcohol. Leave it submerged for several hours. This should dislodge any remaining clogs.

  5. Don't use toothpicks or pins

    It may be tempting to poke the clog with a toothpick or pin, but try to resist doing this, as it can damage the bottle's spray system.

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