How do you fix a clogged washing machine drain?


In order to fix a clogged washing machine drain, you need to do something to unclog the washing machine. A good example of this would be a solvent. Something that is strong and sure to carry away all the materials clogging your drain are definitely the best way to go.
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1. Inspect the drainpipe coming from the back of the machine. Remove any twists or kinks in the hose to release the water. 2. Unplug the washing machine. Remove the clip holding the
Assuming that you mean the flexible pipe from the washer that goes to drain, then unhook it and place the end into a 5 gal bucket. Take a wire coat hanger and unwind the wire. Bent
1 Get a bucket and a towel. Switch off the washing machine from the electrical point. Ad 2 Look for the drainage pipe. The water from your washing machine empties into an upright
Try an enzyme drain cleaner like Draincare.
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How to Fix a Clogged Washing Machine Drain
Washing machines fill with water from a pump that is located toward the base of the machine. The pump also has a drain portion that releases water from the machine through a filter. The water then drains through a hose into the drainpipe installed in... More »
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