What are some facts about cloning?


While many people may question if cloning is ethical, there are some facts that many are not aware of. A clone is not an exact replica with the same exact DNA. The experiences of the clone play a big part in who the clone becomes. Another fact many do not know is that the DNA is taken from an adult, but the clone actually starts life out as an infant. Some countries have actually banned the act of cloning.
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lining up all the DNA in the human body, it would reach the sun and back more than 600 times.
There are 3 types of cloning: Recombinant DNA Technology or DNA Cloning;
if you were 50 and you took your DNA and made a whole new clone of yourself, your baby you would appear as the age of 0, but really he is not going to live as long as you because
Cloning has and will always be a subject of much debate. There are many websites that handle this issue, albeit mostly with a religious background. If you have to defend cloning,
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Facts on Cloning
Cloning refers to making duplicate biological material. Different kinds of cloning processes have different aims, though many people only know about reproductive cloning, or creating a twin by using genetic material from a living organism; other kinds of... More »
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