Clorox on Poison Ivy?


Poison Ivy can be very frustrating with how much the rash it causes burns and itches. One way to get rid of the condition is using Clorox. With a mixture of a cup of Clorox and a cup of water, dip a rag in the solution. Scrub the affected area with the rag. Spray some band aid spray onto the area to protect it. Next, take some good lotion, preferably Aveeno and apply it to the area. The rash should clear up much sooner and the itching should stop.
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1. Immediately wash everything that might have touched the plant. You may be able to remove the offending oil completely or at least reduce the impending rash. 2. Soothe itching with
1. Get the look! Wear a lot of green with a splash of red and wear flowery things, but keep it green and red! A flower in the hair or bracelets made of old twigs or daisies, whatever
Death or serious injury would occur. So instead of guzzling clorox in your basement, go out for a jog or have a chocolate milk:
Poison ivy is a common plant that can be a shrub or rope-like vine that is hairy with three leaves (either shiny-green or red in the fall) Occasionally, it may have yellow or green
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