Closest Beach to Pittsburgh PA?


The closest salt water beach to Pittsburgh, PA would be the Atlantic City Beach. However, Cape May is also close. A little bit more driving would even take you to Ocean City.
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What is the closest atlantic ocean beach to bedford pa.
All in NJ. Pittsburgh to Atlantic City is 6 hrs. Less if you speed across PA on the turnpike, and if you hit Philly at the right time of day. Asker's rating & comment thanx :0
Round Hill Park & Farm, 651 Round Hill Rd
Beaches in NYC or Nort
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3719 Terrace St, Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 383-7590
Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 665-4300
1 Pennwood Ave, Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 731-3443
350 W Station Sq Dr, Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 355-7980
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