Clothes Does Jason Voorhees Wear?


Many people choose to dress up as Jason Voorhees for Halloween. Jason is the villain in the Friday the 13th movies. The clothes that he chooses to wear in the movies varies greatly, so he is not an easily recognized costume. He was shirtless in the original movie, with black swimming trunks and green seaweed over his body. He wore jean overalls in Part 2 with a striped blue plaid shirt, black boots, and a burlap sack over his head. This sack with one eye hole is often used in costumes. The hockey mask is also a very traditional accessory for Jason costumes, and it appeared in Part 3.
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Jason Voorhees wore a hockey mask, brown jacket, black sweater, black shirt,
From hockey - a goalie mask.
Looks like any other old torn ordinary jacket. The main part of a Jason costume would be his signature mask.
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Jason Voorhees main costume is a hockey mask, and worn out clothes and a machete. He is a from fictional mass murderer character from the Friday the 13th Series. ...
Jason Voorhees is best known for wearing a hockey mask. He is the main character from the film series Friday the 13th. Along with his hockey mask, he typically ...
In the first Friday the 13th movie, we see reason for Jason Vorhees' face to be deformed. He wears a burlap sack over his head for most of the movie, suggesting ...
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