What causes a clothes dryer to overheat?


There are several causes of clothes dryer overheating including inappropriate vent duct, dryer overload, damaged cycling thermostat and lack of consistent maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer.
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Most clothes dryer manufacturers recommend short lengths of rigid metal ducts for dryer venting. White flexible plastic and foil vent hoses tend to trap lint and limit airflow contributing
The usual reason for wires heating up is that they are sized too small for the current the load is demanding. Dryers are fed with #10 wire rated at 30 amps with a 30 amp breaker at
1 Empty the lint trap each time after you dry a load of clothes to promote the proper airflow of heat. Ad 2 Remove and wash the lint trap on a yearly basis or as needed. Use a mild
1. Remove the lint screen from the GE electric clothes dryer. 2. Roll the lint from the screen with your hand. If the lint screen is clogged with fabric softener, fill a sink with
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