How Do You Turn Washed Clothes Back from Pink to White?


It can be tricky to turn washed clothes back from pink to white. The best way would be to wash them with a mixture of bleach and heavy duty detergent.
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Start off your laundry adventure by gathering all the dirty laundry together. (People have a bad habit of throwing everything together if they only have a little bit of everything
Your white clothes turn pink because you are washing them with red clothing. Solution: Wash red things separately, at least the first few times. Something about red dye makes it
It might be from bleach or undissolved laundry detergent. I know from experience that bleach can make pink splotches on blue and gray clothes. If you have your own washing machine
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We have all had pink clothes that aren't supposed to be at one time or another! The few times it has happened to me, it has only been socks so I didn't worry too ...
To turn pink clothes white again first fill the washer with hot water and bleach. Then place the clothes inside and run it through the wash cycle. If it has not ...
If you've managed to turn your whites pink by accidently washing them with red, you're best bet is to put them back in the washer and add bleach to the load and ...
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