The word clotpole is a slang. It usually refers to someone that is being called stupid or an idiot. By some accounts it suggests the person being named is a 'pole' as in male genitalia.
Q&A Related to "Clotpole?"
I'm sorry, no entries for clotpole, clot-pole or clot pole. However, a clotpoll (also clodpoll)
It means stupid.
Well 'yeasty' would be 'smelly and slimy', 'Rump fed' is self explanatory (for 'rump' read 'anus'), 'Clotpole' ... you got me, but it sounds nasty enough. Altogether a pretty distasteful
1. clotpole Composed of "clot" meaning fool or oaf and "pole" referring to the male genetalia. "He's trying to get rid of me and if you weren't such a clotpole
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