How to Clean Aquariums with CLR?


CLR is a cleaning product that removes rust and lime. It is often used in the kitchen and bathroom areas. If you want to use CLR for an item such as an aquarium, you need to remove everything from the aquarium. Place your fish in temporary safe environment. After you have removed everything, simply cover the inside of the aquarium with CLR, let it set for a few minutes and scrub clean. Be sure to rinse extremely well.
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1. Place the aquarium outside in a sunny location. Add about 4 oz. of CLR to the empty aquarium for every 20 gallons of water the aquarium can hold. 2. Fill the aquarium halfway with
Yes, it is.
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CLR is the name of a cleaning product. CLR can be purchased from many different types of places such as grocery stores, drug stores, retail discount department stores, and home improvement stores. The price of the cleaning product, CLR can be purchased for a price ranging from $5 to $8 for a 20 fluid ounce container of the cleaning product. CLR is said to clean just about anything, including calcium and rust deposits. CLR is completely septic safe.
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