Is it possible to do a governor adjustment of a Club Car?


There are times owners of Club Car golf carts would like to get more power out of their vehicle, and hope to do so by doing an adjustment to the cart’s governor. The ground speed governor as it is referred to by golf cart manufacturers, is a device that control the top speed of the cart. The type of governor your cart has will be one of three types commonly used. Those are a spring-loaded governor, a driven clutch activated governor, or a rpm limiter. How to do an adjustment will depend on the type your cart is equipped with. Remember that changing the governor can cause permanent damage to your engine.
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1. Lift the seat of the club car to expose the engine and locate the T-shaped governor. The governor is a metal rod located just to the side of the cylinder-shaped carburetor. 2.
On the back of the cart there is a black access hatch that
you should look at! if its gas its towards the back of the cart, and pivits! The linkage from the accelerator pedal goes to the. governor. on top of the. transaxle
1. Remove the plastic plate that is located behind the seat. There will be two screws that need to be removed. Ad. 2. Remove the plastic cover. 3. Locate the governor. It looks like
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