How do you algebraically determine the perimeterof arectangular octagon inscribed in a circle of diameter 15cmEach side of the octagon is 6.9cm from the centre of the circle?


We know that an octagon is an eight-side polygon. Since each side has the same distance form the center of the circumscribed circle of the octagon, this octagon is a regular octagon. If we draw the radii of the circle (their endpoints there are at
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To solve this, it is easiest to draw a diagram. You have a circle with a chord in it. Draw a radius to one end of the chord. Draw another radius that bisects the chord (splits it
hint: use pythagorean theorem c ² = a ² + b ² c = radius b = one-half length of chord b = 1/2(9cm) =4.5cm given: c = 6cm , b = 4.5 cm c ² = a ² + b ²
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