How do you verify a Coach serial number?


Coach handbags have become very popular over the years. While you can always trust a Coach bag to be authentic when purchased from an authorized dealer, that isn’t the case when buying a used one. Almost all Coach handbags have a serial number stamped into a patch of leather that is then sewn into the lining inside the bag. Unfortunately, the fake ones have caught onto this and will sometimes try to do the same thing. If the number is printed instead of stamped, it is probably not a real Coach bag. To do a verification of the serial number of your Coach bag, you can call the company at 888-262-6224. Give them the number and they will be able to verify it for you.
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1. Examine the bag. The first indication of a counterfeit Coach bag is uneven stitching inside the handbag. Locate the serial number inside the bag or find the number on the Certificate
Well the serial number is really designed for the company to track where the item was made, and the style of the item. I do not know of a website where you can enter the number. You
It's so you can tell if it's REAL or not. Also so you can find it….
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To verify a Coach serial number, call Coach customer service. Each authentic Coach handbag has a registered serial number. Customer service will be able to tell ...
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