Coal Is Formed in Which of the Following Depositional Environments?


Coal is formed in depositional environments which have basic constituents of moisture, volatile matter, fixed carbon, ash and sulphur. It usually tends to accumulate in structures known as basins and it's made from peat that has been compressed and then subjected to high temperature for some million years.
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Millions of years of pressure and heat turned decaying animals and plants into coal.
Commercially significant coal deposits occur in sedimentary rock basins, typically
Coal is formed by: C. carbonization of plant remains Fossil fuel: A. petroleum
Powdering coal produces a large surface area.. Having a larger surface area makes the coal more reactive, and since the reaction is exothermic, explosion occurs.
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Coal is considered a sedimentary rock. Coal is very rich in carbon and is formed from the remains of plants deposited as peat in swampy environments. ...
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