Cobalt III Carbonate?


The chemical formula for Cobalt (III) Carbonate is Co2(CO3)3. This is rather rare compound. This is compound is usually created in a laboratory setting.
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Co2(CO3)3. The chemical formula of cobalt(III) carbonate [not cobalt(111) is Co. 2. (CO. 3. 3.
Cobalt Carbonate has a density of 0.35.
I don't think cobalt (iii) carbonate exists. If it does, then you would have to take into account the solubility product for cobalt (III) carbonate. Cobalt (II) carbonate isn't soluble
The iii part of the name means that the charge of the cobalt ion is +3 (this would usually be a Roman numeral in parentheses - cobalt (III)). Since bromide ions all have a negative
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