How do you groom a cocker spaniel with a teddy cut?


Wet the hair and brush your cocker spaniel using a pin skirmish prior to the bath to remove wreckage from the coat. Wash your pet using a placid shampoo. Dry the dog's hair with a dryer or a cloth. Clip the hair on the dog's physique short starting with the bottom of the skull. Eliminate the hair between the feet pads using a pair of scissors. Form the leg feathering using the retreating shears. Leave the hair covering the ears to full length, as this is the cockers' trademark.
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1. Gather all the supplies needed for clipping the dog. 2. Place the pet on the grooming table, using the appropriate precautions when lifting. Use grooming straps to secure the dog has full instructions! you would have to first bath it then dry it then you have to brush it then get dog clippers
The 2 clips are show clip & pet clip. A puppy cut would be only clipping the face & trimming feet to get puppy used to being groomed. A kennel clip applies to poodles only
The reason tails were docked was to prevent injury as the Spaniel r...
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