How to Make a Natural Cocoa Butter Body Lotion?


To make natural cocoa butter body lotion you will need shea or cocoa butter, almond or olive oil, essential oil, cornstarch, a fragrance oil, a bowl, mixer, double boiler, and a container. Always be sure to test all the ingredients for an allergic reaction. This recipe would make wonderful gifts for friends.
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1. Make the base for your natural body lotion by adding 3/4 cups of coconut oil, 1/4 cup of pure cocoa butter and 1 tbsp. of liquid lecithin in a blender. Coconut oil smells divine
Cocoa butter lotion moisturizes the skin and is known to help prevent or reduce the appearance of scars. Regular application of cocoa butter lotion creates softer skin and helps to
Coca butter is can be used in many different ways. People use coca butter in there hair and for the skin. It's makes a wonderful conditioner for your hair as well. Remember, cocoa
Vaseline cocoa butter is lightweight and cheap cost $6 for Huge bottle. also Suave cocoa butter lotion cost $3.
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It could be the Body Shop Cocoa Butter Aftersun Badger Bali Balm After Sun Ego Sunsense Aftersun or Palmers Cocoa butter Lotion can be used as an after sun too ...
You can make cocoa butter lotion by mixing coarsely ground almonds, dry oatmeal, cocoa butter and honey into a paste. Cocoa butter itself isn't actually made. ...
1. Choose a suntan lotion that contains cocoa butter oil. Suntan lotions generally contain cocoa butter, jojoba, or coconut oil to keep skin hydrated while in ...
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