What is OBD code P1131?


OBD2 code P1131 suggests a problem with the fuel air mixtures. Often though, the check engine alerts result from failing or faulty sensors rather than from what the sensor is suggesting. It is advisable to check the sensor first.
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The engine is running lean. www.obd-codes.com this will help .
1. Inspect the vacuum hoses in your vehicle by tracing each hose with your hand, looking for holes, tears, loose or disconnected ends. A leaking vacuum hose can introduce too much
P1131 and P1151 are for the oxygen sensors. one in the exhaust at the firewall and one at the radiator off the manifold. When both go off though at the same time I would suspect a
Those 2 codes mean it's lean on bank 1. If it were the MAF it would have lean codes on both banks but it's always a good idea to clean it anyway. Check for a vacuum leak that would
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Ford Code P1131
Trouble code P1131 means that the powertrain control module has detected a lean condition for engine bank No.1. Code P1131 can be caused by a vacuum leak, fuel injector problem, ignition problem or by a faulty oxygen sensor. You can find the oxygen... More »
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