Codes for Universal Remote Control?


Codes for a universal remote control are included with the remote control when you purchase it. The code is located in the information booklet that is tucked into the packaging of the remote. Within this booklet is a list of different types of television sets. To find the code you need to sync your television set with your universal remote control, find the type of television set you have from the list provided. Next to the name of the television will be one or more codes. If one of these codes doesn?t work, use the next one. One of the included codes will work to sync the remote. The universal remote will stay synced to the T.V unless the batteries die and/or are out for an extended period of time.
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1. Turn on the power to the device that you want to program. 2. Enter programming mode by pressing and holding the "Setup" button until the indicator light on the remote
Universal Remote Codes are found in the Setup Manual provided by the vendor. All you need is feed the specific appliance code into remote to control it.
Their web site is search under universal remotes and you will find the manual with codes.
DAEWOO has the codes 002 102 110 214 303 311 314
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