Coins E Pluribus Unum?


The ?E Pluribus Unum? that appears on United States coins is a recent addition put on by the United States Treasury as part of the 2007 to 2012 strategic plan. This term is Latin, and means ?Out of many, one.? This refers to the fact that American began as a 13 colony nation and became one nation. The term ?E Pluribus Unum? was not only used on coins, it was found written in journals kept by the Continental Congress in 1782, so it holds a great deal of historical significance for the United States.
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e pluribus unum is the motto of the United States of America and is Latin for "out of many, one" and represents the fact that the America is a nation of people from many
Please look at your pocket change. ALL coins carry that motto so it doesn't help to ID anything. If your coin is from change, anything from a cent to a Sacajawea dollar would be worth
Need to know the denomination, mintmark, and condition. This motto is on
The phrase originally came from Moretum, a poem attributed to Virgil though the actual author is unknown. Moretum is a type of salad, the poem closes with a list of the ingredients
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An e Pluribis Unum coin dated from the year of 1921 can be worth about $75 dollars. this rare collegiate Latin coin is something that collectors swarm for. It ...
The range is very wide on the value based on the mint, condition and whether or not it is actually silver. The low end would be about $18 and the high end could ...
If the coin has the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM above Liberty's Head it's a Morgan dollar and the value is $23.00-$26.00 for a circulated coin. If the coin has the word ...
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