Cold War the U2 Incident?


The U2 incident during the Cold War was the destruction of a U2 spy plane. Since satellite technology was not what it is today spy planes were sent over Russia to assess the nuclear threat. Unfortunately one of those spy planes was shot down and the pilot captured almost causing a world wide incident.
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The U2 incident was where A united States spy plane was shot down over Russia. The pilot was Gary Powers and he was captured by the Russians, who used this to embarass the US.
It led to the collapse of a proposed summit conference between
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The The Lockheed U-2 spy plane goes maximum speed of 434 knots (500 mph, 805 km/h).
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The 1960 U-2 incident occurred at the time of the Cold War on 1 May 1960 when a U S U-2 spy plane was shot down over the airspace of the Soviet Union. It led ...
The Cold War incident which cooled off the important talks between Eisenhower and Krushchev was the U-2 incident. A spy plane piloted by Francis Gary Powers was ...
The U-2 spy plane of the United States being shot down May 1, 1960 over Russia was the pivotal event during the Cold War that increased tensions. As a result, ...
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