In Australia, what kind of store is Coles?


Coles is a chain of supermarkets in Australia. As one of Australia's iconic retail stores, Coles has been in business since 1914.

Founded by George Coles as a variety store in the Collingwood area of Melbourne, Coles expanded throughout Melbourne over the course of the next four decades.

It was in 1958 when Coles acquired a number of grocery stores and entered the food retailing business that the chain's growth began to accelerate. The first supermarket version of Coles was opened in Balwyn North, and by 1973 there were Coles supermarkets in every territory and in every capital city in Australia.

By 2014 Coles had grown to 741 stores across the country; second only to Woolworths in the supermarket sector. Now owned by Wesfarmers Ltd., Coles employs over 100,000 Australians.

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Around 8-9 starting rate, and it goes up about 1 dollar a year.Casual adults rates are $18-23.00.They favour Indians and South East Asians and do not hire Australians unless teenagers
Yess... what the above poster said is right ^ .. I work at Coles atm, and I'm 17, and get $11 p/h on Weekdays and Saturday, and $15 p/h on Sunday. On Public Holidays I think it's
Coles, Broadway, Cnr Broadway & Bay Sts, Glebe NSW 2037 opens 7.00 am on Boxing Day and closes at 10.00 pm.
Yes. Sydney Area, Australia
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