How to Sell National Geographic Magazines?


Collectible National Geographic Magazines are available time to time from National Geographic. You can purchase older issues online on websites such as eBay. The price will vary based on the year and issue.
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1. Contact a "National Geographic" magazine collector. Log on to and click on the “forum” button. Click the category titled &ldquo
Take inventory, describe condition, offer competitive unit price, offer free shipping and call me.708 681-4200.
National Geographic, formerly the National Geographic Magazine, is the official .
l doubt that they have any really large value, I donated the collection that my father had to a small local library, Source(s) epcerience.
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According to XYZ Collectibles, there are many old National Geographic magazines that are worth money. For example, as of 2014, the January 1902 issue of National ...
While the salary for a National Geographic photographer may vary, it is probably highly competitive. The salary for a photographer for the magazine may depend ...
You can sell old National Geographic magazines on eBay. You can also list them on your local Craigslist. Selling the magazines at a yard sale is another idea. ...
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