College Ein Numbers?


A college EIN number is the college?s federal tax number, so you must look for it on your tax information. The College?s EIN number is located on the 1098-T form that you will receive in the mail detailing you college tuition and how much interest was paid. EIN number is another term for federal identification number, so if you can?t find it on the 1098-T form, you can always call your college?s financial aid office for information. Most colleges these days also offer online information through the financial aid office so students can login to easily locate this information.
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The (EIN) 222234111 is for the Alumni Assoc Of Orange County
I think it is the same as the federal identification number, which is, 133893536. It is found in the tuition statement Form 1098-T.
It isn't surprising to see the top engineering & computer science colleges to have a large[1] amount of their student body comprised of Indian and East Asian ethnic groups
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