Collision Coalescence Process?


The collision coalescence process is the mechanism in forming raindrops in warmer clouds. In warm clouds, that are above freezing, raindrops are formed exclusively this way. Also most tropical rain is formed by the collision coalescence process.
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The Bergeron Process - an important process in the conversion of water
The Bergeron process is the more important mechanism of raindrop formation. See attached ref, which explains it well. Source(s)….
( ′kō·ə′les·əns ′präs·əs ) (meteorology) The growth of raindrops by the collision and coalescence of cloud drops or
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The processes that freezing nuclei play a role are the Bergeron process and the collision-coalescence process. Both processes are involved in formation of ice ...
coalescence. when cloud droplets collide, then join together to form a larger droplet in a process. ...
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