Colonial Candle Making?


Candle making in the colonial times was a very important skill. People used candles all the time. It was a major source of light for them. Some people also made a living by doing this.
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1. Use paraffin wax. Colonists traditionally used tallow, rendered from animal fat, but this is hard to come by these days. It also smokes, sputters, burns badly and smells. It's
The colonists would dip a strip of milkweed into some melted tallow (animal fat) and let it solidify, then had a candle.
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Don some old clothes, an apron, or a smock. Find a clean, level work area that has access to water and heat. Cover the surfaces with brown or waxed paper or aluminum foil, or use
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Long before the advent of using candles to set a mood or impart a pleasant scent to a room, they were the sole source of light, aside from a fire in the hearth, once the sun went down. Candles were purely functional then, and any work that needed to be... More »
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A colonial candle maker does a long and step-by-step process of making candles. Colonial taper candles were the most popular candles during the colonial time. ...
During the colonial times you would cut a piece of cotton yarn to your desired size, dip the yarn in turpentine. Mix equal parts of alum and water adding it to ...
General stores back in the Colonial times sold flour, candles, eggs, vegetables, and clothing. General stores also sold tins for cooking, dishes, and household ...
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